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Corporate Media Solutions of America remains the trusted outsourced media services company for the greater Washington, DC area.  CMS fulfills its role as the leading video production and promotion service firm with commitment to excellence, pride, equality and integrity.


We are driven by four core values—Quality Production, Client Satisfaction, Innovation and Creativity,

Our Story

Corporate Media Solutions of America provides a unique service unmatched in simplicity, efficiency and cost. We provide custom made, broadcast quality television, radio and web commercials designed to meet your marketing needs, in the following: ​Infomercials, Documentaries, PSA’s, News Packages,Corporate Events, Seminars, etc…


But that’s not all, we can also design your logo, develop your website or even negotiate your broadcast rate. Utilizing analytics to guide campaigns, CMS understands mass & niche media, digital & social media and the interplay between digital and physical activities. 


From concept development through post-production, CMS has the perfect niche including the hardware and software to craft a video solution that’s unique to your needs. But most importantly, you’ll be guided from concept to completion by an experienced team that won’t quit until you’re satisfied. So no matter your budget, you will receive an end product that not only represents the goals of your company, but also gives you the best return on investment.


Corporate Media Solutions of America does all the leg work for you -


"Positioning Yourself Above Your Competition". 


CMS is always looking for new and exciting opportunities, Let's connect.


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