Video Production Services

A successful production that delivers your message, on budget and on time starts with gaining a complete understanding of your organization and your communication objectives. Once we have established a production timeline, identified your target audience, and clarified your desired results, the rest is easy.



Pre-production is the part of the process that takes your vision and key message points and turns them into a narrative script that is more than writing, it’s storytelling with impact. We detail how we are going to visually support the narrative with both existing visuals and new elements.

This part of the process also includes planning, research, talent selection and creative storyboard development.





Under the direction of one of our talented producer/directors, we perform the location taping necessary to capture the interviews and visual content required for your production. A key component to the success of your production is our ability to match the personnel and technology best suited to your project. Our experience directing actors, narrators and non-professional volunteers, as well as our ability to elicit substantive commentary from interview subjects, ensures a high level of realism, believability and authenticity.


Post Production


It is often said that the real magic happens in post-production.

Our team of designers, video editors and animators take the visuals, the sound bites, the music and bring your production to life!

The best edits are the ones you don’t notice. Our editors expertly utilize timing, transitions and techniques throughout the visual sequencing to seamlessly match what you see with what you hear. When “eye matches ear,” you achieve greater clarity and understanding of your intended message. Music, sound effects and graphics enhance the viewer experience.



We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of all technologies and methodologies required to get your project where it needs to go when it needs to be there.

We can output to any format, here are some examples:

Broadcast (Mac Quicktime H264, PC mpeg2, mxf, .mov, .wmv, .wav);


Devices (Android,Apple,Mobile,Tablets,Tivo, IPADS,IPODS); 

Web Video (flash -.FLV,Vimeo,Youtube);

Stream (FTP, NTSC, PAL)

all to a hardrive.